Crawl, Walk, Run – Stand on your 2 feet
Meetings – daytime, after work, weekends
Work around your schedule

Everyone needs to have a plan because eventually life or the market will stress test it and validate whether your plan was correct

I will share how I build my businesses from scratch. I will not do the work for you. This is your company, and you are the player on the field. I will give you advice and suggestions on how you can grow and succeed.

I will help in the following areas:

  • Business website
  • Online Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Excel Super integration
  • Shopify integration
  • Zoom integration
  • Business Models
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Sales Funnels
  • Marketing – Leverage Data
  • Accounting
  • Ecommerce
  • Online Payments

Prices Reflect My Past Results
People ask me: Why do you charge so much money for your coaching? Can you reduce it for me?

You can self-diagnose your medical questions from the internet.
If you visit the doctor, then you’ll be charged for their expertise.

I give you everything you need to know about my coaching on the site for $0. It’s FREE! You can take it for FREE. Don’t pay for my services if you can get everything you need here for FREE.

You pay for me to be engaged in your goals and place myself in your shoes. This gives you a custom plan on how to make your business grow faster.

I want you to beat my results.

    • 60 Minutes
    • 1 Specific Question
    • Send question before meeting
    • 12 Month Agreement
    • Coaching
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Business website
    • Online Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO
    • * Payment Plan available for exceptional cases.