I coach you on how to define your business. I’ll challenge you on the profit margins, competition, CapEx, OpEx, TAM, etc… to help you determine if this is a sustainable business for you.

Use our platform as a stepping stone to demo to employers while they find FTE

I coach you to start or grow online businesses with their personal capital. This is a calculated risk. Some people should never start a business and are better suited to have a job / steady salary. Based on our experience working with successful business people, there are patterns to their success.

Real Estate Investing in USA
Online Business
Marketing Agency
Business Consulting
IT Consulting
Software Applications
Coaching investor model

Learning curve – reduced

Full Support

Coach – step by step / guide

Why You?
Innovation. Instead of doing the same thing everyone else is doing, why not be an innovator and design a completely different approach to your industry?

Old School
Worker goes to the Office

New School
Office comes to the Worker