Warren Buffett Principles

Invest in yourself.

Stay in the middle the road. There’s plenty of opportunity there. I avoid working with companies that are not compliant with federal laws

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Buffett: The best ways to calculate the value of a company


There are sequences to success.

Attitude, Talent, Passion

Attitude, Talent, Passion – Attapa

Have a positive mindset and believe in yourself.

Innate talents in which you are world-class.

You have the drive to constantly improve. You don’t look at the competition. You look inward and ask how you can improve. You matter more than them (competition).
Belief System

There are sequences to success.

Attitude , Talent, Passion – Attapa

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Moving from S to B
People in the S quadrant are doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other service-based businesses and consultants. They have very high-standards for their work and because of this they have a hard time delegating to others. Again, they don’t like to hire employees because nobody does it better than them. As a result, they only make money when they are working. This means they don’t own a business; they own a job.
When self-employed people need more money, they look for more hours they can bill.
The right side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant

On the right side of the quadrant are Bs and Is. They pay the least in taxes and create or invest in assets that produce cash flow for them even when they’re sleeping.
B stands for Business Owner

Unlike those in the S Quadrant, business owners don’t own a job. They own a system or a product that makes money even when they aren’t working. Because they know they can’t be successful on their own, business owners look to hire people who specialize in skills needed for the business and hire those who have more talent and skill than them. They look to delegate as much as possible, not keep all the work for themselves. The best business owners know they could leave their company for a year and come back to find it still profitable and running better than they left it.

Business owners are often seen as risk takers, but from the perspective of a business owner, being an employee is riskiest because employees have no control. A business owner can make the decision to do layoffs or fire an employee, but no one can take the business away from the business owner. And when the economy takes a down-turn, the business owner has the most control to make the business work and survive.

When business owners need more money, they create a new product or create or acquire a new system that produces money.

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Age Discrimination in Employment Act

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